Holy Trinity Fundraiser

Dear Friends of Holy Trinity,
Please view the youtube video linked below to receive all the
information on how to donate and help us keep our doors open. Read more

Holy Trinity Procedures for COVID-19

Holy Trinity Episcopal Church West Orange is aware of the Coronavirus pandemic and will be taking precautions to prevent its spread. Read more

Obispo de El Salvador dirigirá servicio en la Iglesia la Santisima Trinidad en West Orange | Enlace de Vídeo

El domingo 17 de julio, el Rvmo. David Alvarado, obispo de El Salvador, visitará Holy Trinity, West Orange para celebrar y predicar en un servicio bilingüe. El servicio de las 11 a. m. Read more

Online Worship & Holy Week

Holy Trinity Episcopal Church doing our part in flatten the curve.
If you would like to be a part of our online reflections or the Diocese of Newark's Online Holy Week services,
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Sunday Reflections

Holy Trinity Episcopal Church will be transmitting Live: Reflections on Sundays
English (9:30 am) 
Spanish (12:30 pm)  Read more

Sermon: The feeling of expectation (Advent 3)

The feeling of expectation always warms our hearts with hope. Read more

Sermon: Do not practice what the Pharisees do, but follow their teachings (Pentecost 21)

In the reading of the New Testament story this morning, we heard that Jesus instructs the people to follow the teachings of the Pharisees, but not to follow their example. Who were the Pharisees? Read more

Sermon: The Golden Calf (Pentecost 18)

Traditionally, the story of the golden calf that we read this morning has been used to teach Jewish and Christians believers that they should not make images of God and that no idols should be worshipped. The evidence for such teaching is supported in the Ten commandments. Creating images and idols had consequences such that we have to be especially concerned, because God is going to punish the children of such command breakers down to their fourth generation.  This is very serious matter. Don’t you think? A similar understanding is put forward by the Encyclopedia Judaica: the golden calf is in essence an unauthorized means of securing divine presence. In addition, in the Encyclopedia Judaica reference is made to the Ten Commandments as well.   Indeed, this is a powerful threat to one's well being and his or her children. Read more

Sermon: Passover (Pentecost 13)

In the Jewish tradition the Passover is celebrated every year at spring time to remember the liberation of the Hebrews from the Land of Egypt.  So that they can recall that they were once oppressed and to thank God for their deliverance. Read more